With the Mucci International Logistics mobile app, you can receive your Mucci orders directly to your mobile device. When used, the mobile app will track your location in real time and allow you to update the statuses and capture PODs for the orders you have received. The Mucci International Logistics mobile app also has a built in and secure instant messaging feature which will help you to further enhance communication with Mucci International Logistics and in turn reduce the number of check calls you receive and increases transparency and visibility.


* Order info at a glance:
At a glance – view the full details you need for an order, distance, ETA, consignee and shipper locations.

* Receive detailed orders:
Receive orders directly to the Mucci International Logistics app with full details including contact names, shipper and consignee addresses, references, consignment details and any special instructions.

* Update order statuses:
Update order statuses in real-time on the Mucci International Logistics app using the one-tap status update feature. This feature provides a time stamp for all main order milestones:
Arrived Shipper, Loaded, Arrived Consignee and POD.

* Instantly capture and upload PODs digitally:
Capture, crop and convert PODs into PDF format and send immediately after delivery even in low light.

* Border crossing:
Let others know when you are arriving and departing borders

* Instant Messenger:
Communicate easily – stay in touch with Mucci International Logistics with the built-in and secure instant messenger.