Pizza horse Delivery Boy:3d horse simulator in this game you ride the horse unlike other games such as pizza car delivery games or pizza van delivery games or ATV quad bike in which you deliver the pizza on futuristic car or beautiful van or delivery bike. you just ride horse and delivery pizza in have to avoid traffic sports car and bikes and deliver the pizza safely to the destination.This horse pizza delivery is amazing and fun pizzeria boy game.

All the games are of same kind and you played alot motor bike pizza delivery games but here is a unique and exciting game Wild Horse Cart Pizza Delivery game. In this game you will ride the horse and deliver the pizza in the city. Ride the cart fastly and deliver the hot pizza in the desired place in your wild horse cart in this 2017 new game.
There is a horse carriages game in which horse rider who was experienced in horse riding and dropped the passengers to their desired destination. Now he get the job as a pizza delivery boy in the city and he has to deliver the hot pizza in the different places unlike old fashion police horse  games In this horse riding pizza delivery game,there are some hurdles and there are some surprises or you. If you will complete the mission then you will get a wonderful surprise in this  super PIZZA DELIVERY BOY 3D fun! game. This pizza delivery boy must be careful about the traffic,vehicles and people so that horse cart will not hit by them. The horse rider pizza delivery boy must use his riding skills as well as use his techniques to pass through the rush of traffic and deliver the pizza as soon as possible. As the level pass,the number of people,cars and other vehicles will also increase. The roads will become slippery or tilt that it will become difficult to ride the horse cart and deliver the pizza on the specific area. This new game will give you an extra fun and relaxation from your hectic routine. You as a horse rider pizza delivery boy choose the cart of your own choice. Choose the dress to wear on your duty and get ready to deliver the pizza in wild horse cart pizza delivery game. This game will offer you many advantages like bonus points and extra life lines. This will help you to complete this pizza delivery game and become experienced horse rider amazing ,Good and Great new Pizza Santa Christmas Season.

As the pizza delivery horse rider hit by something then his life will decrease and he have to deliver the pizza maximum 20. It could not be less than 15 orders otherwise the level of horse cart pizza delivery game will not be finished and you will loose this game. This game is played by just following the map where your horse cart pizza delivery boy will go.

Riding horse aptitudes you as horse riding boy on other games you see in which police man ride the horse counter attack force stop the criminals in this police horse games.but this old fashion police horse 
games.on the other hand you see Arabic horse race league 2017 free game in which you play as a jockey and expert in horse riding. but this game is totally based on Pizza shop or restaurant games unlike the other  driving games or parking games you have done pizza delivery on horse Santa Christmas Season.

Games directions
Use your arrow keys to move your horse and follow the navigator to find the place where the pizza should be delivered.

Pizza horse Delivery Boy:3d horse simulator Games features

Adventurous way of pizza delivering
Customise horse cart
Realistic environment
Full of fun and surprises
3D game simulator