Social media is HUGE! With a huge following on social media, many of you have suggested I get an app. Now I have and I am in control. With an app, unlike a website, I have the ability to connect with my users in a web no website can. Even when there is no internet connection, you can still view most of the pages in the app.. In coming updates there will be even more exciting things ahead.

A digital learner and teacher exploring all things video and social. Combining L&D with soap making to change the masses from my soapbox Mobile application for Soap.. Let's talk soap. This app is dedicated to all soap people alike. Share this app and share in the community.

Handcrafted Natural Soap created LIVE on the air. Zakia Ringgold (creator of Live Soap School) fell in love with live streaming and “Goes-Live” making handcrafted natural soap for viewers all over the world. Zakia combined her 15 years of experience developing soap with her extensive knowledge and passion for soap making to create a great experience for her viewers.. Right from the comfort of their own home.