Earn money unlocking your mobile phone. Only using your phone normally we pay you. Install this app and start earning money.

Why you should use LifeSlide

+ It doesn't collide with other screen apps. This means you can still use the native Android lock screen or your favorite lock screen app.

+ We have a referral system that allow you to generate more earnings.

+ Our currency is NOT devalued. All your earnings will remain close the dollar (1000 lives – $1)

+ We have weekly prizes for the most active users.

+ We allow you to select size and position of the promotions that we show in the lock screen

+ You can choose between different payment methods like PayPal or Payza

It's very simple: every time you unlock your device a promotion will appear, you can open it if you are interested or just unlock without any problem. You will earn money in both ways!

Want to earn more? Invite friends and we will pay you a 10% more of what they earn. Also, you'll earn an extra 6% from the earning of the friends of your friends.

But what happens if what you want is to promote? Is there no place for you? Well of course! Publish your geolocated offer and it will appear in other close lifeslider's mobiles.

With this app you can announce your business in your city in a simple and economic way.

Join the community! Each day we are more and more!

Frequently asked questions

– How much money are 1000 lives?
+ 1000 lives are $1

– What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
+ The minimum amount you can withdraw are 2000 lives

– How often lives are updated?
+ Every day at 10:30 AM GMT+0

– When can I withdraw my lives?
+ Daily lives will be available to be withdrawed on the 25st of each month due.