Lotto Lo88o is a daily lottery number generator with Jackpot and real cash prize. Every day our app generate random winning numbers. Сatch the last chance to win real money in daily lottery games and become a lucky winner. Lotto Lo88o is like a Powerball and pch sweepstakes. Mega millions of real cash are waiting for you! Join us and win real money!


● Free Entry to Loteria
● Daily Draws
● No Purchase Necessary
● No Credit Card Required
● Multiple Entries Allowed
● 7 Day Cash Prize Payout to your US or UK Bank Account
● USD $50,000 starting Jackpot that gets bigger as more people enter

How to Play

On installing Lotto Lo88o each Smartphone & Tablet each user must register (First Name & Last Name, Age and Gender). For each entry they must select 9 numbers from 1-49 and watch a short video. After the short video has played their numbers are automatically saved. Draws of Winning Numbers (9 Numbers from 1-49) are held Daily at 4 pm GMT.

How Winning Number Combinations share the Cash Prize Jackpot

9 Numbers Jackpot
8 Numbers $500
7 Numbers $50
6 Numbers $2.50
5 Numbers $1

No payment will be made on any other Number Combinations.

Where does the Cash Prize come from?

Each time a Smartphone or Tablet user within the app watches an App video or Installs an App the Cash Prize Jackpot increases. For every USD $100 received from generating App video views or Installs, USD $75 is added to the Free Draw Jackpot in real-time for Smartphone & Tablet Users to play to win. The extra USD $25 is our fee for creating and managing this process.

How to claim your Cash Prize

Draws of Winning Numbers (9 Numbers from 1-49) are held Daily at 4 pm GMT. If you have selected 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 winning number combinations you have won a Cash Prize.


Email us the following Information to receive your money:

Email that you used to Register within Free Draw (we let you register with only your Email and gave you a default Profile that you cannot edit)
Your Account Number (we emailed this to you when you Registered)
Your Bank Account Details (18+ UK & USA only)

We will verify this Information against our daily list of Winners.

English Lottery Winner:
Spanish Loteria Winner:


Same as above but you must also first verify the Personal Information that you registered with (First Name & Last Name, Age & Gender) under the WINNERS tab at Verification is free.

Our Commitment

Smartphone and Tablet users will retain complete control over their Personal Information at all times.

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on the lives of others.

What we do with your Personal Information

We let Advertisers market their products to Smartphone and Tablet users based on their Identity. Not their Name. But their Age, Gender, Location and Device type in a respectful manner for both parties.
We keep all our Data and do not share it with Third Parties. If at anytime you change your mind and want to delete your Free Draw Account then you can do so. All your Personal Information and History will be irrevocably deleted. If you wish to return in the future then you may only do so as a new user.

We always want to ensure that Smartphone and Tablet users retain complete control over how their Personal Information is used and managed at all times.

For more information see our Rules & FAQ at

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