Exciting educational games for boys and girls with cute and funny animals: 🐰
✔️ counting numbers and items
✔️ writing numbers with tracing
✔️ learning and repeating numbers pronunciation
✔️ discovering arithmetics (addition, subtraction and comparison) using illustrated math exercises
✔️ listening math tasks and answering by voice

On each level new animal from the zoo accompanies your baby in fascinating world of mathematics. Colourful animals with natural sounds are fully animated, they help kid to learn math and encourage child's success. 🐻

Unique features (speech synthesis, voice and handwriting recognition) support more than 40 languages and help your toddler, kindergarten or preschool child to learn kids math in the most entertaining way with easy to use app that has simple user interface specially designed for kids.

Your child can fully focus on education and enjoy cool math games.