Personal diary with lock – write down your secrets and keep them locked!
Lockable Diary Planner for Girls romantic diary planner to you !
📔 Are you searching for the ultimate personal organizer? If that' the case – you´ve found exactly what you've been looking for! Install for free this awesome “diary planner” and let us help you organize your life and make everyday tasks easier. Manage your ideas and to-do lists with the help of this awesome “journal app”, and let your device to notify you of your daily tasks. Make brand new “diary entry” every day and decorate it with cute stickers, deco stamps, and your favorite pictures. The best thing about My Diary Book – Journal Planner is that is synchronized with all of your social media accounts so that you can have an option to share your diary notes. Write down some memory or retell an amazing trip that you took and keep your memos under the lock password. The most exciting thing is that you can get a reflection of what you did on that day. That being said, hurry up and obtain this fantastic “personal diary app”!

All your secrets, feelings, thoughts, experience, and memories can be organized ,
All your thoughts/ideas can be password protected

Save your personal notes, secrets, events from your daily life as well as your dreams, hopes and love stories!
Diary writing” can be such a fun idea thanks to our brand new diary app! Instead of taking notes using a pen, you can write down all your thoughts and memories in our virtual journal and make them everlasting! The very important thing is that you can update your entry each and every day and, at the same time, backup and restore your notes if you somehow end losing them. If you want to write personal notes you should add a protection, in other words, a password that only you will know. This diary notebook could be the daily activity that you've been looking for so long. Whether you want to remember the important appointment or a first kiss, you can put all of these memories in “*My Secret Diary with Password
Lock all your secrets and take advantage of some great features that this diary offers you:

– see all your diary entries at a glance
– beautiful main screen calendar with great overview
– create, modify, delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way
– add pictures functionality
– possibility to choose suggestive moods for each entry
– emoji support
– remind on special days
– Some Secret Features As Its A Secret Diary.
– Keeps All Data in Calender and List.
– journal timeline – see your all your journal notes for a certain time period
– search functionality – search entries by mood or containing text

– set a password(PIN code) to protect your diary secrets
– change password whenever you want
– disable or enable password lock

– choose from different beautiful color styles/themes
– add, edit, delete moods – manage moods to best fit your emotions
– add, edit, delete reminders – friendly reminder to write about your day
– choose from different text fonts

This amazing “diary app” helps you to keep track of your life all in one place. Create journal entries, select for each of them a stunning diary theme, and decorate them with favorite pictures or cool stickers. You can type out your secrets and personal thoughts and put a lock code to protect them from snooping friends and family members. 🔐My Diary Book – Journal Planner🔐 is extremely simple and easy to use. Just open the app, add a new post or modify the old one, and the entry will be complete. You can also to sort your entries by date (descending or ascending), or put them in different diary categories. Don't forget set up custom reminders that will remind you to fill the diary with text every day.