Using My Travel Suitcase you'll never forget to pack anything important for your journey. Replace glued paper inventory of things inside of the suitcase by better electronic variant in your mobile phone.
• Prepare the list of things at ease in advance before you journey.
• Pack your real suitcase (bag, rucksack, luggage, holdall) according to list of things in application before beginning of travel
• Let's have continual information about the content of one or more suitcases during your journey.

• Thematic travels offer corresponding items related to journey.
• Thematic travels contain recommended items.
• Filter items by category.
• Searching for items.
• Create custom items.
• Create more suitcases as needed.
• Take notes for your journey or your suitcase.
• Duplicate existing suitcase for other journeys.
• Export/import (backup/restore) suitcases including content for backup or sharing (needs write access to external storage).
• Always have an overview about state of packing and weight content of suitcase.
• The application is free and free of ads.

Enjoy travel preparation and travel ease 😉