Have you decided which political candidate deserves your vote Especially for Pakistan Elections 2018? It is a democracy after all, and you have the right to make your choice. Vote App in Pakistan was never easier than it is now. With this Pakistan Voting App, you can let your voice be heard. You have the power to decide the future so take part in Pakistan Voting app.
Constitutionally, today Pakistan is a democratic parliamentary republic. It has a political system designed for an elected governance. With Pak Vote App, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to vote.
Keep track of the progress with every Pakistani political party using this voting app.
Pakistan Voting App allows everyone to vote, no matter what part (region or city) of the country you are in.
Pakistan Voting App requires Facebook authentication to make a genuine and singular vote for every user. This helps eliminate the risk of breaching the poll. The Cast Vote feature is simple to use and empowers everyone to make a difference in the vote.
Pakistan Voting App confirms when your vote is successful with a confirmation at the end.
Pakistan Voting App is an intuitive and responsive voting app. The design is easy to read the voting progress. Pakistan Voting App has a very user-friendly interface and is compatible with various Android platforms. Simply download and install it and start using.
The vote can be cast in 3 steps by the follower/fan via Pak Vote.

1. Verification through Facebook Account
2. Choose your location
3. Vote for your Favorite Party

• You can view analytics result in different criterions through apps rich console e.g.

 Stats of total no. of votes in any city/location
 Stats of total no. of votes in any Province
 Stats of total no. of votes in Pakistan
 The overall performance of the party in every province

• 5 family members or friends with different verification can cast their vote via one device.

• App organizer is not associated with any political party & state department such as Pakistan Election Commission.

• Our power-processing unit will help to record casted vote in the result within few seconds.
• The best part about this app is that voter can cast their vote for their favorite party instead of MNA/MPA/Councilor.

• The main objective of Pak Vote is to present the current position/standing of political parties instead of the 5-year static position of the elections.

• The success of voting depends on fair balloting.

• The unsatisfied voter has the option to swap/replace the casted vote after one month of the previously casted vote and vote another party.

• The voter can cast their vote from anywhere, any location.
• This app will provide the political parties and their leaders with information to analyze their current position and strategize campaigns accordingly.

• This is entirely a non-state survey.

• Users can have real-time results.

• Voters are free to vote their favorite party without any political pressure or influence.

• We have a strict privacy policy that safeguards the voter’s information provided.

• With our 24/7 Robust Algorithm, votes are traced in case of fake accounts. The vote from such accounts will not be valid and the account will not be entertained in future.

• This survey app can be helpful for the prediction of Pakistan General Elections 2018.