Gambiankolu Media & African Radio was first started as campaign site for Gambian journalist, Pa Modou Bojang. However, it has now been updated to full non-profit organisation, comprising of a news website and online radio. At Gambiankolu Radio, we are ethically committed to providing a voice to the voiceless in both in and outside The Gambia. Gambiankolu Radio is further committed to publishing and broadcasting within the fine tenets that safeguard the fourth estate in any Democracy.

Gambiankolu Media and African Radio (GMAR) is run as a co-operative, whose aim is to foremost, promote freedom of expression in the West African nation of Gambia through sensitisation and creation of awareness. The latter is committed to offering a voice to Gambians, from all background, both within and outside of the country. There will also be training opportunities for the youths while encouraging them to be more creative and productive. As a platform for the promotion of democracy and good governance. it opposes all forms of discrimination with a credo to promoting the views of African writers and broadcasters which will be done by offering a platform through via our station. Our dreams are on the right path of materialism, so join us now or follow us on Facebook, twitter for a positive ride towards the emancipation of our very own people.
Gambiankolu believes that a democratic nation must promote the principle of democracy, without intimidation as the power of democracy belongs to the people: Power to the people, for the people and by the people; this concept that is the foundation for good governance; is exactly what we set out to promote and in the process; serve as guiding examples for it. For your understanding, Gambiankolu Media & African Radio is here to contribute its quota to The Gambian media fraternity, as we commit to precision and factuality in our endeavour. We hope to be the voice of the truth and reasoning; holding those who manage our affairs accountable. Professionalism is a priority, in whatever we are doing at Gambiankolu Radio.

Our doors are open to all those interested in being part of change and development.